Vierte Melodie

Oil on linen

50 x 70 cm





Cranial Archive

Oil on panel

45 x 33 cm


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No beauty would shine without the horror on its opposite site. No light without shadow.

Here is one of my latest works for Magic - The Gathering's "Khans of Tarkir" expansion set.




September 2014


Dritte Melodie

Oil on panel

60 x 80 cm




I am very pleased to announce that my painting "Dritte Melodie" won the Second Place Prize in the category Imaginative Realism of the Art Renewal Center Competition "2013-2014 International ARC Salon".

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May 2014



Oil on panel

30 x 24 cm




I am very pleased to announce that my portraiture of Markus is selected by the Jury of the "BP PORTRAIT AWARD 2014" competition.

A total of 2,377 entries of which 55 were selected for the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery London from 26 June - 21 September 2014. The exhibition will then go on tour, where it will be shown at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens (4 October - 16 November 2014) and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery (27 November - 12 April 2015).

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© National Portrait Gallery, London

Markus is more than just a good friend that I've known since our joint studies. He is a philosopher, thinker, poet, eccentric, a chaotic individual and someone who has illustrated lovable children's books. He likes to brew a pot of Green Tea and makes his home workplace to the most comfortable place on earth. Whenever I visit him, I get a sense of distant exotic lands. A foreign world, that you would like to taste. A microcosm, hidden like a pearl behind the gray facades. I am inspired by his unique appearance and surroundings and that's why I finally wanted to capture Markus’s portrait in his natural and wayward environment after all these years of friendship.

April 2014